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White Boards

Transforming Spaces with Creativity and Functionality

School districts, contractors, architects, and medical facilities across Northern California are experiencing the benefits of white boards installed by Silverado Wallcovering.

Discover the Versatility of White Boards

"Writeable Walls" for Limitless Ideas

Our white boards extend beyond conventional use, transforming spaces into "writeable walls". Whether in a conference room, individual office, training areas, or public spaces, Silverado Wallcovering provides the platform to share and develop ideas, from strategic planning to educational sessions.

Tailored Sizes and Surfaces

White boards come in various sizes, including custom options, and can be installed on both magnetic and non-magnetic surfaces.

Beyond Convenience

Our boards feature a nonporous dry erase surface for seamless writing and erasing. Warranty protection against staining ensures long-lasting durability. Cleaning is a breeze with water or Windex, and permanent marker stains can be effortlessly removed.

Visit our White Boards Gallery

Click here to view our White Boards Gallery. Immerse yourself in the functionality and creativity of our white board installations showcased in our gallery, and envision how they can transform your space into a hub of ideas and collaboration.