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Our Gallery

Explore Our Wallcovering Gallery

Discover the diverse range of wallcovering solutions Silverado Wallcovering offers, transforming spaces across Northern California. From custom murals to wood and acoustical wallcoverings, tackables, white boards, bulletin boards, and more, our projects cater to various establishments, including restaurants, medical facilities, apartment communities, long-term care corporations, and other facilities.

Immerse yourself in our gallery of recent projects

Acoustical Wallcovering

Explore how our acoustical solutions provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Immerse yourself in a collection of custom murals that bring artistry to commercial spaces.

Wood Wallcovering

Discover the latest trends in wood wall applications for a touch of sophistication.


Explore the functionality and versatility of our Walltalkers installations.


Witness how our wallcoverings transform apartment spaces into vibrant and inviting environments.


See how Silverado Wallcovering contributes to the professional aesthetics of various businesses.

Click on the links above to view each gallery and witness the transformative impact of Silverado Wallcovering in various settings. If you have any questions or are inspired for your next project, feel free to reach out. We look forward to showcasing our expertise in wallcovering solutions.