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Frequently Asked Questions

At Silverado Wallcovering, transparency and confidence in your wallcovering project are paramount. Here are some frequently asked questions we address.

How long does it take to schedule my wallcovering consultation?

At Silverado Wallcovering, we understand your busy schedule. We strive to schedule your consultation within 24-48 hours to accommodate your needs.

What is the process to get my project completed?

The first step involves selecting your wallcovering patterns. Once chosen, the paper can be ordered, and the installation can be scheduled.

Are you a licensed contractor in California?

Absolutely! Silverado Wallcovering is fully licensed and insured.

How long has Silverado Wallcovering been in business?

Since 1986, we have been delivering professional wallcovering installation services to Northern California.

Where do I buy wallcovering?

Silverado Wallcovering has established relationships with top manufacturers like Seabrook, Koroseal, Knoll, and others, providing an endless variety of options.

Do you prime the walls before installing new wallcovering?

Yes, priming is a crucial step in any wallcovering project, ensuring proper adhesion.

Why do my walls need to be prepped before hanging wallcovering?

A wall-protecting acrylic primer is essential to ensure proper adhesion and a flawless finish.

Can wallcovering hide cracks in my walls?

Wallcovering dries to the wall, so our expert installers prepare and smooth the wall. Imperfections are repaired before installation.

Can you install new wallcovering over wallpaper?

Ideally, we recommend removing existing wallpaper for optimal results. If removal risks damage to drywall, we prime the existing wallcovering before installing over old wallpaper.

Is your adhesive considered a "green" product?

Yes, all wallpaper adhesives we use are green products with low VOC. Some are even L.E.E.D. approved.

Can I hang wallcoverings over old paneling?

Absolutely! You can also hang over wall tile, brick, and textured walls.

For further inquiries, feel free to call or text Silverado Wallcovering at 707-480-9362. Whether it's an accent wall or an entire room, you can rely on Silverado Wallcovering to complete your project on time, within budget, and with exceptional results.